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Just Heat and Eat

              Moufil is an entity which is a part of Capital Culinary which is registered under Prahalad Foods and Beverages Limited. Our home base is at Alwartirunagar, Chennai. We currently focus on READY TO EAT Food Products. Our Vision is to spread the love and crave for the ready to eat food products in today’s fast paced world while making Zero Compromises in Quality and Customer Satisfaction. We are now currently operating in 8+ Zones around Chennai and soon be opening in 2 more zones. Our services are currently available in Porur, Egmore, Parrys, Park Station, Beach Station, Tambaram, Sridevikuppam and Saligramam. We are currently supplying to 15+ Outlets out of which 3 of them are our own. We also practice to promote Make In India Scheme as each of the raw materials used in Moufil Products are purely manufactured in India. Our Motto is to spread the mindset of “Just Heat and Eat”. We use preservatives within the limit set by FSSAI only when it is needed. Moufil is currently not invloved in mass production, so that every product will be of same quality. We are currently focusing on  3 different categories, Half-Cooked, Cutted-Foods, and Ready to Serve. We currently establish our products only in the retail market. We also accept wholesale orders upto certain limit . Our price rates would also look very reasonable compared to the external market. You can also order the app through our website as well as our app “MOUFIL LITE”.